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How to wash off the nail oil


Method 1: Smolar remover oil

Apply a thin layer of cleansing oil on the nails with nail polish. Waiting for 3-5 minutes, and then directly frustrated with hard things, it is best to be a little nail. You can wash away all the nail polish of ten fingers in almost half an hour

Method two: White vinegar

Squeeze half of the lemon juice and add to the vinegar. You can add some orange juice without lemon, and then immerse the fingers of the oil nail polish in the vinegar solution for 10 to 15 minutes and then the toothbrush to try to remove the nail polish.

Method 3: nail polish

There is an idiom called "Poisoning with poisoning", although it is not so serious, but the reason is the same, re -apply a layer of nail polish on the nails of oil nail polish, and immediately wipe it off with paper immediately in two seconds. At the same time, the old nail polish is brought off

Method 4: Toothpaste

Dip a little toothpaste on the old toothbrush, and then brush the nail polish on the fingers with the old toothbrush to let the nail polish fall off. Generally speaking, ordinary white toothpaste is the best effect.

Method 5: Flower dew water

Soak the cotton swab with flower dew water. Then press the cotton swab on the surface of the nails and wipe it back and forth until the nail polish on the nail is removed. Although it is necessary to repeat many times to wash off the nail polish, the flower dew is milder than the water washing water, not irritating, and no harm to the nail skin

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