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Do you know that nail polish is also called nail varnish?


Nail polish is also called "nail varnish". Its main components are 70% - 80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvents, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil soluble pigments. The film formed after nail polish is applied to the nail, which is firm and has a moderately colored luster, which can protect the nail and give it an aesthetic feeling.

Nail polish is basically made from nitrocellulose with acetone, ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, benzoic acid tincture and other chemical solvents. This kind of nail polish can make nails red, bright and moist, and will not fade for a long time. It is loved by people. However, most of these raw materials have certain biological toxicity and should be avoided from entering the human body, causing chronic poisoning. After applying nail polish, do not hold food with your hands to avoid sticking nail polish to food, and prevent "poison entering from the mouth". Special attention should be paid to the fact that oily food such as deep-fried dough sticks and cakes should not be eaten with your hands, because the compounds contained in nail polish are fat soluble compounds that are easily dissolved in oil, so you should be careful.

At the same time, nail polish contains a substance called phthalate. If this substance is absorbed by the human body for a long time, it is not only very harmful to human health, but also most likely to cause pregnant women to miscarry and give birth to deformed children. Therefore, pregnant or lactating women should avoid using cosmetics labeled with "phthalates" to prevent them from causing miscarriage or infant deformities. We know that although phthalates were applied by future mothers, it is the child in the womb who suffers. In addition, this harmful substance can also harm the organs below the waist of infants, causing genital malformations. Therefore, if a mother uses cosmetics containing this substance during breastfeeding, the child may develop infertility or impotence as they grow up. This is the adverse effect of phthalates, which hinder the action of male hormones.

Generally, nail polish can be stored for 2 years, and it can be stored for 3 years when closed.
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