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Manicure must know, how many do you know about the use of nail polish?


Manicure must know, how many do you know about the use of nail polish?

Advantages of gel polish

1、Odorless and environmentally friendly, no harm to our body.

2、No need to grind, just rough throw, no harm to our nails.

3、In principle, nail polish can be used by pregnant women.

4、No hyperpigmentation, no yellowing of the nail bed.

5、Save time, (dry faster) no need to dry.

6、The gloss is very good and lasts for a long time, usually two to three weeks.

7、Easy to remove.


The meaning of base coat

Nail base coat is used to protect nails and prevent nails from falling off. Applying base coat before manicure is a common-sense operation. Only after applying the base coat will the subsequent application of gel polish not cause damage to the nails. At the same time, the base coat can also make the gel polish adhere to the nail more firmly. can increase the time of nail art use and increase the durability.

The meaning of top coat

The top coat is divided into a no wipe top coat and a scrub top coat: the no wipe top coat is not cleaned with alcohol or a special cleaning agent. Dry naturally after lighting, the operation is relatively simple!

The scrub top coat need to scrub the floating glue after lighting the lamp. After lighting the lamp, you should stay for about 30 seconds, and then use a cotton pad to soak up the detergent or 95% medical alcohol to scrub off the floating glue on the surface of the nail, so that the surface sealing layer can be natural. dry!

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