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Common problems of phototherapy glue


Common problems of phototherapy glue:

1、 Embrittlement
Insufficient thickness of phototherapy glue, or too high or too low temperature are all reasons for brittle fracture. The operating temperature of phototherapy glue should be controlled at about 20 ℃. Apply more layers of molding adhesive. Each layer must be thin and uniform. To prevent the occurrence of embrittlement.

2、 Nail surface is sticky after phototherapy
The reason is that the floating glue on the nail surface was not carefully cleaned with 95% alcohol

3、 Phototherapeutic glue does not harden
1) Not enough time for phototherapy
2) The light therapy lamp is aged or stained. Clean with detergent every day. The lamp tube shall be replaced immediately when it is used for more than a safe hour.
3) The hand with phototherapy glue is not put into the phototherapy machine correctly. Did not receive good uv light, need to correct posture to extend the phototherapy time.
4) When making French phototherapy nails, the phototherapy time needs to be extended. When removing the paper pallet. It can be used for light therapy at the bottom of the nail and at the side for 1-2 minutes.

4、 The surface of phototherapy glue is uneven
The temperature is too low. The phototherapy glue can be placed at room temperature or in a warm area to warm up.

5、 Phototherapeutic gel has high fluidity
High temperature. Phototherapeutic gel can be used indoors with air conditioner.

6、 Phototherapeutic gel fading or yellowing
The reaction caused by the use of sunscreen products by customers. Avoid contact with sunscreen products or remove them with detergent immediately after use.

7、 The color of nails is dim after phototherapy
Excessive floating glue on the nail surface. It is caused by improper cleaning method or failure to use professional cleaner. Gently pat the detergent on the surface of the nail glue, and wipe it with force after dissolution.

8、 Color phototherapy glue peeling or uneven
The super strong wind layer glue is not applied to the nail surface or the color phototherapy glue is not fully stirred. Pigment is deposited at the bottom of the bottle.

9、 Skin tingling
1) Apply the phototherapeutic glue to the skin.
2) Phototherapeutic glue will release heat when polymerizing. If it is too thick for one application, it will burn when polymerizing. Each layer should be thin and uniform. When a burning sensation is found. After the hand is taken out, the phototherapy is performed again.

10、 Phototherapy pen induration
After using the light therapy pen. The brush head must be wiped clean with a paper towel.
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