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Do you know what nail care knowledge is before nail enhancement?


Many beautiful eyebrows like to do manicure very much. So, before doing manicure, you must take good care of your nails. Because there are some chemicals in the manicure, it is easy to hurt your nails, which is not only bad for your nails, but also easy to harm your health. Beauty salons should not think that it is a simple thing to do manicure. In fact, there are a lot of preparations before doing manicure. They need to do enough preparation and care, which can not only effectively protect nails, but also make manicure more beautiful and lasting. So, what nail care preparations should be made before manicure? Come and have a look, girls!

1. First trim your nails
Before manicure, the eyebrows must first trim their nails to a very beautiful and stylish state, and the manicure will be more beautiful. Meimei can trim their nails to a beautiful shape with a nail clipper. They should trim them according to their favorite shape. They will be more satisfied with the nails they make.

2. Remove dead skin from the edge of nails
Our hand skin will also appear dead skin and cutin. If these dead skin cannot be removed in time, the nail will not look good. Therefore, beautiful women should remove some dead skin from the edge of their nails after trimming them to make their nails more clean and beautiful. Removing the dead skin on the edge of the nail is to make the whole hand look more beautiful, and also make the hands become delicate and white.

3. Apply nail care fluid
After the nail is trimmed and the dead skin and cutin at the edge of the nail are removed, you can apply the nail care solution to remove the bacteria on the nail surface. As we all know, hands touch a lot of things every day, so they will be contaminated with many bacteria. Beauty salons should kill the bacteria on these hands and nails before they do manicures, so that after finishing manicures, they don't need to touch nails again, so as to avoid confusing the finished manicures.

4. Perform nail washing
Before doing manicure, the beauty eyebrows must wash their nails. First, dip in a proper amount of nail wash water to clean their nails at the place where nail polish is applied. At the same time, they can also massage their nails gently, so that they can better care their nails. The purpose of nail cleaning is to make the nail polish liquid paint better and make the hands more comfortable.

5. Final color
After the previous series of preparations, it is time to start painting your nails. Coloring eyebrows can be divided into two times, which belongs to the process of nail making. When coloring, it should be noted that nail polish should not be stained on the skin next to the nails. First apply it for the first time, and then apply it for the second time, which can make it plump and make the whole nail look particularly beautiful.

Warm summary: After finishing the nail care and enhancement, the beauty girls need to take better care of their nails and hand skin. Because it can make your nails look more beautiful and beautiful. It is also very important to take care of your nails before manicure. If you do a good job of preparation and nursing, you can make your manicure more beautiful and lasting. Beauty should know that the maintenance of nails should also pay attention to the details. If you do a good job of these details, you can retain the beauty every bit.
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