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Analysis of the development trend of the data collector nail industry: the nail industry will gradually mature in 2022


Nail enhancement is no longer a project enjoyed by the rich. With the improvement of women's economic level and the change of consumption structure, the nail enhancement market has become more competitive but more demanding. The nail enhancement market is still in the rapid development stage, and the scale of nail enhancement related industries will also grow gradually in the future. The following is an analysis of the development trend of the nail industry in 2022.

Nail care is an industry that will never be eliminated or saturated. With the development of society and people's constant recognition and pursuit of beauty, the cosmetics and nail care industry needs a large number of industry elites to join. According to relevant data, there is no market in the cosmetics and nail enhancement industry. When there is no professional makeup artist or nail salon, beauty loving women spend at least half of their time a day dressing up for themselves. Making yourself beautiful and handsome has become an indispensable part of women's and even men's lives.

The overall development scale of the nail industry market will grow stronger. With the development of the nail industry in China becoming more mature, more links and contents related to nail care, such as the nail care market, nail care resources, nail care trade, nail care production, nail care training, nail care research, nail care media, nail care activities, will be included in the nail care industry chain.

With the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, nail salons are increasingly favored by young women. According to the survey, 70% of women in China are willing to go to nail salons to enjoy services. The nail salon industry has a wider consumption range than traditional industries. Unlike clothes, there are different needs for height, height, obesity, and thinness. All girls want to have a pair of beautiful hands, not like clothes, which are difficult to adjust. More and more investors will join the nail industry, which is characterized by large investment opportunities and large profit margins; Less investment, quick results; The investment environment is diversified and the operation mode is flexible; Few people, easy to master technology; There are many product projects, which can meet the multi-level consumption demand.

The quality of the team of manicurists needs to be improved urgently. The number of professional manicurists at all levels trained in China every year ranges from 120000 to 180000. The nail market survey report shows that the gap in social demand is still very large. Under the influence of the market situation of short supply, the mobility of manicurists is very high, because the employees are young and lack of social experience. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the nail industry is gradually welcomed by many consumers. At the same time, people's living standards are also constantly improving. Their requirements for the scale and level of nail salons have also been improved. The items in nail salons also need to be diverse. Therefore, the future nail salons will gradually develop towards the middle and high-end direction.

To sum up, although there are many people joining the nail market, it is an industry that will not be saturated. The competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, but the scale of nail salons is relatively small, and the service provided is uneven. The quality of the entire industry needs to be improved in the future, and it will be a professional trend in the future
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