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The history of nail polish


Nail polish is a cosmetic used to modify and enhance the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the surface of the nails, which can protect and beautify the nails. Do you know the history of nail polish development?
Fashionable women of the late Victorian era in the 1900s would use dye creams and varnishes to create pastel nail colors. Inspired by car spray paint in 1920, Michelle Menard invented the first bottle of nail polish in the modern sense. Over the decades, nail polish formulations have been updated countless times to take into account the effects of harmful ingredients in nail polish. In 1980, Tinkerbell company invented the first bo-po (paint on, tear off) nail polish, which became the most desired makeup product for girls of that era. Pull-off nail polishes are still available, but the most successful of this product is undoubtedly the Minx brand, with so many colors and patterns that you'll be dazzled. In the Mood nail polish, which changes color according to your body temperature and surrounding environment, has been a hit in the market as soon as it was launched, and this nail polish takes the special effects of nail polish to a new level.
Magic Milky Stars Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish
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