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5 In 1 Nail Magnet Tool Upgraded Nail Magnet Pens tools


【5-in-1 Cat Eye Magnetic Stick】The cat's eye magnetic stick can quickly create pattern effects. The magnetic stick can easily attract the particles in the magnetic gel, and you can quickly create patterns with various appearances on your nails. All you need is a multifunctional cat's eye magnetic stick tool to give full play to your abilities. Be creative and design beautiful nail designs, the 5-in-1 Magnetic Wand is a product that can really save you time and money.

The lightweight design of the magnetic stick product makes it easy to carry at home or on a business trip, and it is also an excellent choice for you to give as a gift.

【Easy to Use】1: First apply cat eye gel on your nails. 2: Place the 3D cat-eye magnet on the nail for 15-30 seconds to show the cat-eye effect. When using it, be careful to face the nail with one side of the magnet and do not touch the surface of the nail. Step 3: Just illuminate with LED or UV light.

[Use with confidence] Pink Cross Nail Magnet For Nail Art Tool comes with a silicone protective cover, so it can prevent product breakage and ensure product durability and stable performance.

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