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​How to match nail polish with sandals?


To show off your long legs in summer, of course, you can’t miss out on sparkling nail polish to attract attention! So how to wear sandals with nail polish? This is a science! Let’s quickly raise our posture!

Matching plan one

The bright yellow nail polish should be matched with the same bright pink sandals to look loli. If it is yellow nail polish, you will become a duck.

Matching plan two

The taboo of yellow sandals is to match them with bright red nail polish. Dark green is the best color to show off your temperament.

Matching plan three

Cold tones like gray must be well balanced with warm tones of purple and red. If it is cooler white nail polish, the feet will look lifeless.

Matching plan four

Black and white is a classic among classics, and it goes well with the color of your clothes. White shoes paired with red nail polish are also eye-catching.

Matching plan five

When matching rose red sandals, be careful not to use a nail polish color that is too contrasting, otherwise it will be very abrupt.

Matching plan six

Don't wear red sandals with red nail polish, otherwise you will be the most arrogant person.

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