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Frosted Nail Art Appear White


(1) Red, wine red, rose red

A timeless classic, it's already a color that has been pushed to pieces! But it still has to be said that red is too white! Whether it's matte or glossy, any woman should give it a try! Rose red color is not much different from sapphire blue color. If you want to make a shiny surface, it may be too eye-catching, but with the help of frosting, it will actually look just right. It has a strong flavor of girl group color!

 (2)Treasure Blue, Haze Blue

Blue belongs to the cool color scheme and is popular almost all year round. Bright blue schemes are more likely to choose colors like aqua blue. If it's frosted, you can try the bright saturation of sapphire blue. If you like a low-key and steady color, choose haze blue, which is very suitable for skin tone! It can be paired with the same color scheme, or you can choose a leopard print or plaid style, instantly enhancing the feeling of autumn and winter!

(3) Deep purple, haze purple, deep green

The purple matte looks high-end and full of fashion sense, completely avoiding the feeling of tacky and shabby streets! Suitable for girls with cool personalities~Green is also a good matte color, paired with some coats and jackets will be very casual and fashionable~

(4) Dark brown

Dark brown frosted, suitable as a jumping color or paired with leopard print. It is also a high-end to explosive nail art color, belonging to the style of intellectual girls when applied, very imposing! It is also unique to match with a suit coat~If you want to feel more obvious in autumn and winter, you can also try dark brown plaid or sweater pattern, which is classic and beautiful

Is frosted nail art suitable for summer or winter

During the autumn and winter seasons, frosted manicures are the most popular, so most people think that frosting is only suitable for autumn and winter. However, in fact, frosting can also be done in summer! A special misty texture with a unique flavor

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