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Which is more harmful, nail stickers or painted nails


Which is more harmful, nail stickers or painted nails

Nail stickers are manicure tools that are attached to the nails. They have become more popular in recent years. However, it should be noted that nail stickers are also harmful to the nails. After all, nail stickers need to be polished and glued. It will also take away some substances on the nail surface; of course, compared with applying nail polish, sticking nail stickers is still less harmful. In order to better protect the nails, after the manicure, the nails can be cared for by waxing and using nail polish. Let's take a look at which one is more harmful, nail stickers or painted nails.

 1. Are nail stickers harmful?

Many girls like to do manicure, but manicure is more harmful to nails, so some friends choose to stick nail stickers, so are nail stickers harmful?

Compared with nail art, nail stickers are faster and can be easily replaced. There is no harm in itself. After all, nail stickers are not like nail art. They need to be polished and pasted directly, and the excess parts can be repaired; however Nail stickers also have some hard stickers, which also need to polish the glue on the nail surface, which will cause certain damage to the nail surface; in addition, when tearing off the nail stickers, some substances on the nail surface will be taken away, making the protective film damaged.

Of course, compared with manicure, the hazards of nail stickers are still much smaller, and the now popular half-nail stickers can reduce the area of damaged nails on the basis of extending nails. Be careful not to frequently replace nail stickers. would have too much of an impact.

2. Which is more harmful, nail stickers or painted nails?

Manicure can make women's fingernails look better. There are two kinds of manicures that women often do, nail stickers and nail paint. Both of these will have certain harm to nails, so which one is more harmful?

In fact, nail stickers are more harmful to nails than nail polish, because nail polish is composed of some chemicals, including acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalates, Formaldehyde, etc.; while the ink and weak glue used in nail stickers are relatively safer.

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