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Do you know the common problems of crystal nail?


Girls who love beauty should all have experience in manicure! Of course, there are many types of nail enhancements. Crystal nail is one of the most common types. I wonder if the beauties who have done crystal nail have encountered the following problems?

FAQ of Crystal Nail:

1、 It is easy to have bubbles

1. Generally, it is because the cleaning is not done properly, and the grease secretion, cutin and dust on the nails are,
2. Before making crystal nail, use fixative and balancing liquid to remove excess water and grease on the nail surface. Before applying nail plate, use fixative.
3. Other reasons include that the nails are too soft or the gummy skin on the finger edge grows too vigorously.

2、 The nails turn yellow

The main reason why crystal nails turn yellow is ultraviolet radiation. Most of the crystal nail liquid and crystal nail powder do not contain anti yellowing factor. After the production, it needs to be coated with anti ultraviolet bright oil. If the quick drying bright oil is applied, the crystal nail will show a slight yellow after a week.

3、 Nails are easy to break

1. It is usually because the structure of the crystal nail is not well mastered, and the radian from the root to the tip of the finger is not shaped, and the nail is flat
2. The armour powder is laid thin
3. It is also possible that the crystal nail powder and nail liquid have been stored for too long, beyond the shelf life, and the nails produced are fragile and fragile.
4. The crystal nail is too long, and the free edge exceeds the length of the real nail, which is also one of the reasons why the crystal nail is easy to break.
5. The nails are too long and thick
6. The modeling is not in accordance with the principle of "three thins and one thick". The three thins and one thick refers to modeling. The first powder is placed at the front edge, spread to a suitable length and thickness, and pat the modeling with the pen body. This is the basic knowledge that professional nail salons must know
7. Excessive polishing will damage the quality of the nails. Although it should not be too thick for making crystal nails, excessive polishing is also prohibited
8. Endangered renewal and removal of artificial nails cause damage, and the nails are seriously damaged, so it is not suitable to make crystal nails

4、 Catalytic liquid crystallization

In a low temperature environment, the catalytic liquid will crystallize like ice crystals. Some crystals will appear at about 8 ℃, and all crystals will appear below 5 ℃. Crystallization is normal and will not affect the quality and use effect of the catalytic solution. As long as the indoor temperature is raised, the crystallization will disappear, or the catalytic solution bottle will be placed in a warm water cup and can be used normally soon.
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