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How to remove stubborn nail polish adhesive?


Who doesn't like nail polish glue for girls who love beauty? Although nail polish glue is very beautiful, removing nail polish glue is a technical skill. If it is not properly removed, it may damage our nails. Today, the editor will share a few quick methods for removing nail polish glue.

After heating acetone, the methyl methacrylate adhesive will be easier to remove.
Firstly, heat the makeup cotton soaked in nail remover over water. Bottles made of glass can also replace heating. Adjust the water temperature to an acceptable temperature for hand placement. Afterwards, as usual, wrap your fingers in tin foil and wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent acetone from evaporating. Using one's own body temperature can also quickly complete armor removal.

The method of wrapping tin foil is to wrap it above the second finger joint of the finger. When using this method to remove armor, you can also read your phone and magazines.

What should be done to the area with drill when removing armor?
Firstly, use a grinder to remove the nail polish adhesive around the drill, leaving some gaps. Then use pliers to clamp a portion and remove it. After removing one, there will be some extra gaps, and then use pliers to remove it until all are removed. Remove all the remaining crystal glue with a polishing machine. Then start removing the nail polish adhesive.

Why not forcefully peel off the nail polish adhesive?
There are a total of three layers of nails, and if the nail polish glue is forcibly removed, it is very likely to form two layers of nails. This can lead to fragile or even injured nails.

What is the amount of nail polish remover that can be dipped into the makeup cotton?
Soak the nail sized cotton pad thoroughly. The key is to cut the makeup cotton into nail size. Enough nail remover is required for nail removal, but if the cotton pad is too large, it may get on the skin and dry it out. When using tin foil paper rolls, it may not wrap properly.

There's glue floating, but I don't have time to go to the nail salon. Is there any good way to handle it?
If there is really no way, use the specialized materials for removing armor sold on the market to remove armor yourself. Do not forcefully peel off or polish your nails with a sandstrip.

Removing armor takes a long time. How can we shorten the time?
Repeat the practice several times without touching acetone to confirm where it is most difficult to dissolve and whether the thickness is too thick. The part of the nail root is difficult to dissolve, and any carelessness can lead to unevenness and injury. In addition, polish the front edge of the nail so that acetone is more easily dissolved.
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